Event Design

Incentives and Client Events require a unique creative touch and a flawless attention to detail. Designing events for VIP guests starts with understanding the client's goals and their guests needs, wants and desires. I use Design Theory to flush out the building blocks of an event, and collaborate closely with the client to design an event that everyone loves and creates goosebumps moments for all involved. 

The case study below reflects the perfect marriage of the aligning the client's goals with the attendees needs. 

title. Hamptons Hospitality

date. 2017


task. VIP Client Event

role. Live Event Design, Production & Strategy

guests. 50

HAMPTONS Illustration.jpg


goosebump moment.

There were too many to choose. Many unique and creative elements came together to create an event that delighted the guests and addressed the client's goals. It's an event that everyone involved is still talking about!

The business development team at Choice Hotels hosts a yearly event for their top hotel developers/clients. This year the event was to take place immediately following the NYU International Hospitality Conference in New York City.  


  • Design an exclusive and unique event that would impress and inspire 30 of Choice Hotel's VIP developers/clients. 

  • Produce a flawless event with high touch service that delights the client's guests. 


Create goosebump moments for attendees and guests who have it all, and who have seen it all. The attendees were a group of very high net worth individuals who by the very nature of their work travel the globe and experience the best-of-the-best in the hospitality world. 


Source an exclusive location within 90 minutes of NYC. The duration of the event would be 24 hours from beginning to end. Keeping travel time to a minimum and the journey enjoyable was a priority.  


LOCATION: The Hamptons was chosen for its proximity to NYC and its reputation as an exclusive destination. The private historic waterfront home of AD 10o Designer Steven Gambrels was secured for the event. His stunning property has been featured in a number of magazines, and features select pieces from Mr. Gambrel's private art collection.


TRANSPORTATION: Private seaplanes were chartered to provide transfers from NYC to the Hamptons, and back the following day. This added an additional layer of delight for the guests as they took off for a thirty minute journey from the east river with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. Once in the Hamptons, the guests were transferred to their dinner location in Sag Harbor by Hinckley yachts. 

FOOD & BEVERAGE Cocktail hour took place inside the historic property and a gourmet meal was served under a sailcloth tent on the lawn overlooking the water. Whiskey and cigars were served post dinner in a stone barn on the property. 

Whiskey & Cigar Tasting 
Locally Sourced Centerpieces
Historic Private Home
Conversation Vignettes
Sail Cloth Tenting
sea plane.jpg
Seaplane Transfer from NYC to Hamptons

final design.

Hinkley boat.jpg
Hinckley Yacht Transfer
AD 100 Designed Home
Sag Harbor Waterfront