I love working with companies to develop their Brand Identity. Whether I'm designing a new company's brand from scratch or incorporating a old logo into refreshed brand guidelines.... color palettes, typography and logo design are all part of a company's identity and should be designed to make a lasting impression. 

The case study below is the Style Tile from a branding project I did with a startup. 

title. Explore the Zeitgeist

date. 2020

client. Undisclosed Travel Startup

task. Branding | Style Tile

role. Creative Director & Designer 


A start-up travel company in the early stages of development requested branding & style options for their website. 

ZEIT Mood Board.png
Mood Board


  • Create a brand that reflected the client's vision of modern yet vintage.  


Create a brand for a company in its early development stage. With many unknowns, developing branding for a new product can prove challenging, requiring indepth research and testing. 


My process always starts with a mood board. I pulled together a collection of images that felt "vintage" and "modern". Once I discerned a commonality and narrowed down the images, I focused in on the typography and color palette choices. I chose a typography that is clean and modern but with a nod to art deco travel posters from the golden age of travel.  The color palette is luxe and reflects the desire of the client to enter the luxury travel market.   

The logo was inspired by a vintage compass that was deconstructed and reassembled with clean modern lines.

final design.

ZEIT Style Tile.jpg