i create goosebumps!


goosebumps noun (go͞os′bŭmps) : a sudden feeling of excitement 


Goosebumps Creative XD (Goosebumps) is Strategic Experience Design. No matter the type of experience or the platform... I design to create value and delight where the first-person perspective is the priority.

​With Goosebumps I harness twenty years of experience in Event Design and Production, UX Design, Project Management, Marketing and Creative Strategy together into one innovative and powerful mindset that delivers an unforgettable experience.

I bring a diverse perspective to my work and my life. I’m an industry veteran with the spirit of a GenZ and the disruptive nature of a Millennial. I never turn down an invitation, but am happiest when I’m in bed before 10 pm. I was raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere and can handle a shotgun, but my closet is full of designer dresses and 4-inch heels. I'm a study in contrasts. 

I remove the ego from the creative process. It’s through research, ideation, and data-driven design that I collaborate with brands and start-ups to create goosebump moments for their users, attendees, employees, and customers.

Let’s create goosebumps together!

Contact: Rachel Bandarenko | rachel@goosebumpscreative.com 



"Rachel is not only capable of bringing your visions to life, she also brings life to your visions in ways that you hadn't even imagined".

- Kathleen Collins, Corporate Event Planner



Rachel Bandarenko

Experience Designer & Creative Director